Davian Coldthorn

Adventurer Trainer & Powerful Cleric


Tall and lean, a young man of thirty years with a jaded outlook on life and a taste for liquor. Brown hair, brown eyes, usually wears a deep brown cloak to boot and has a brown quarterstaff with him.


Born and raised on the island of Severan. Has had two encounters with his twin brother Maugrim Coldthorn in 1260 and 1270. Trains adventurers in the great city of Tirion. Has a thing for some girl named Sarah, who happens to be the daughter of the mayor of Severan.

When you last saw Davian, he was losing a battle against Toras while some dark power was slowly consuming the island as the citizens of the island fled and orcs and elves engaged in a vicious battle against each other.

Davian Coldthorn

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