Maugrim Coldthorn

Davian's dark side


Similar in appearance to Davian, but with a dark and twisted face that’s paler and far more frightening than the face of his twin brother. Tall and lean, with eyes that pierce through the souls of lesser men, this beast is surely a force to be reckoned with.


Maugrim Coldthorn led a band of skeletons, vampires, hobgoblins, halflings, wolves, and a doppleganger to the Watchtower of Severan in the year 1270 with the goals of unlocking the tower and retrieving its various treasures. Maugrim, Jasper, and Draco had betrayed their adventuring companion in 1260 in a first attempt to break into the watchtower, but that ended in the near death of the three of them. They returned as undead ten years later, although the expedition was just as unsuccessful.

After all of his minions had been defeated and the power of his strange mask had been destroyed, Maugrim Coldthorn was finally confronted in the depths of the temple of rainbows. His combat prowess was formidable, and took Sivoc’s life in a rare moment of courage for the rogue before he was finally destroyed and turned to dust.

From later events, you have learned that Maugrim was sent by some higher power, probably Toras.

Maugrim Coldthorn

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