Theron Lewstrom

Lieutenant to Toras, with betrayal in mind


Dressed in a worn purple gown and wearing a rusted yet still golden crown, this monster sends shivers running through your spine whenever you get too close to him. An aura of death surrounds him, and his attitude towards life is… unsettling.


You first met a man who identified himself as Toras atop the mountain of Severan, where he asked you if you had any news of his associate Maugrim. Vehemently denying that you knew anything of the sort, you quickly left the scene before he realized the ruse. He immediately sent a pair of squires against you, who turned out to be capable warriors in their own right.

You last saw Toras lunging for Mr. Fluffums, crying out in anger and fury as the loyal wolf companion to Colbicus barely avoided the taste of death.

After the events of the Labyrinth, you have discovered that the man you thought was Toras was actually Theron, lich lieutenant of Toras. Theron has taken the advice of the omnipotent dragon Zeromus Herbert Laharl and has decided to secretly double-cross his master. He has been eyeing the book of Kasilas, the artifact your party possesses that can bridge the gap between your ‘prison’ world and the rest of the known world.

Currently, Theron is trying to harness the souls of every person on the island of Severan and use it to create some powerful weapon using the Tower of Light, located in the center of the desert. You have just recently found out the location of this previously hidden behemoth, and it’s up to you to stop his plans before thousands die at his hands.

Theron Lewstrom

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