Reverend Klaux

Only through suffering can the soul be cleansed of sin


A short priest with a cold and steady gaze.


Reverend Klaux was the priest of the town of Kite in the Drumcree Mountains. He was long loved by his congregation, and travelers from as far as Generry came to hear his sermons. Unfortunately, he fell from grace and somehow became obsessed with cleansing the souls of his congregation through suffering, having been led astray by the devil Moonflower. It wasn’t long until the entire town of Kite had locked their doors and feared to go outside, for any sinner would be punished by Klaux’s cruel hand.

You stormed Klaux’s cathedral (the Crimson Cathedral), confronted him and his horde of undead, and threw his bleeding carcass forty feet to the ground. To the best of your knowledge, that’s where his body still is.

Reverend Klaux

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