Dirk Gently

Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire


Only four feet tall, this stout dwarf has piercing green eyes, blazing red hair, and skin as white as a ghost. He possesses the single most egotistical and over-the top demeanor you’ve ever seen.


Dirk Gently is, quite simply, a treasure hunter extraordinaire. Your only encounter with him has been in a temple near the town of Generry. He challenged your claim to a great treasure (which you never got paid for), and battled you in a daring rope battle where one by one he knocked you to the ground with alchemist’s fire and brute strength. A perfectly placed arrow from Sivoc send him plummeting down fifteen feet into the arms of K, who would have killed him if Mongkut hadn’t intervened.

You suspect that he’s still adventuring for treasure, and may be looking forward to a second match against the party. I mean, a treasure hunter extraordinaire can’t take defeat very easily.

Dirk Gently

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