Lord Kasilas Evengard

Vecna's betrayer


You know him only as an all-powerful, ethereal voice.


In his life, Kasilas served Vecna in his quest to ascend to deityhood. That is, until Kasilas decided that he could not fulfill Vecna’s evil wishes. In a climactic battle, two of Vecna’s lieutenants were lost, and the third (Toras) was stripped of much of his power. Unfortunately, Vecna was still able to rise to become a deity, and sealed Kasilas in a terrible prison.

Somehow, your party was able to find Kasilas’ prison and return a collection of writings to him, which Kasilas then revealed to be a book that would connect your world to the greater world at large. Once this was done, Kasilas released his hold on life, destroying both him and his ethereal prison.

Lord Kasilas Evengard

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