June 27, 1270
#1: Fare Thee Well, Watchtower

The day is June 27, 1270. The location is the peak of the mountain island Severan, in the small village of the same name. In particular, we’re focused on a tavern where an exceptionally important meeting is going to take place. Inside this tavern there’s a shady-looking halfling, a pair of waitresses and the tavern owner, a couple of dwarves enjoying a pair of pints, and a cleric of Fharlarghn who was gathering a small crowd around his table. That’s the important table.

The tall, thin cleric of Fharlarghn looked over his newest batch of recruits. Although only thirty years old, the cleric had already trained over a dozen successful adventurers. Still, he wasn’t able to figure this bunch out. The first to arrive was a druid completely covered in a rainbow tattoo, with antlers for hair and a reckless attitude. Next in line was a rogue with jet black hair and shifting brown eyes who insisted on throwing himself through the window and tumbling across the tables and chairs of the quaint tavern they were all residing in. A reserved and noble elvish swordsman soon joined them, as did a stern dwarven cleric, an inquisitive and serious monk, and a sorcerer who couldn’t keep from falling asleep. This’ll be a lively bunch, the tall, thin man thought to himself as he sat down at the table with the rest of them and introduced himself as Davian, cleric of Fharlarghn.

He made his typical offer of apprenticeship to the would-be students, and everything was going according to plan. That is, until Thorim – the dwarf – told him that he was skeptical about his claim as a cleric, as he was missing his holy pendant. Shocked, Davian searched frantically for the pendant, so absorbed in the loss of his symbol of power that he was completely unprepared for what was about to happen.

A half-mile away, the local lighthouse, responsible for magically enhancing the crops and giving warmth and light to the mountain in times of darkness, abruptly exploded.

A massive pillar of energy shot deep into the night sky, as chunks of the former lighthouse crashed into the tavern. One of these chunks crashed into Davian himself, and suddenly his students found themselves alone.

Alone, and with a squad of hobgoblins running towards the town – and the tavern.

To be continued…

June 28, 1270
#2-3: The Massacre of the Sleeping Innocents

This post, when completed, will describe the players’ initial exploration of the village of Severan atop the mountain island of the same name. This post will detail their venture into a hidden cavern, their battles with a monstrous spider and a rock monster that nearly beat the crap out of everyone in the party, their near death at the hands of brown mold, and their discovery of a pair of sleeping vampires which they dragged out into the sunlight and murdered. It’ll also talk some about the beatdown of halfling thugs and the rescue of Davian from a house filled with skeletons, unless I break up this post into two (which I might do).

June 29, 1270
#4: The Midnight Battle

This post, when completed, will describe the first battle with Maugrim, the defeat of the remainder of his horde, the memorable encounter with a crazy Doppleganger, and the solving of a puzzle that takes the players into the heart of the lighthouse.

June 30, 1270
#5: The Colors of Valor

This section, when completed, will tell all about the realm beyond the lighthouse gates: the battle with Maugrim’s mask atop towers suspended high above a foreign sky, the ventures into the seven rainbow rooms (red for lust, orange for…something involving a garden, yellow for cowardice – here’s where Turansul stupidly sacrificed himself to a dragon, green for envy and greed, blue for sadness (I think you cheered up someone for this one? I forget…), indigo for heck if I know, and violet for the garden with the big talking plant and the poison’s cure), and the final climactic battle with Maugrim. It ends when the players plummet to their apparent doom.

July 14, 1270
#6: The Shadow Cometh

In this post, the players confront a disembodied voice named Kasilas, and then come face-to-face with a monstrosity who went by the name of Toras, who proceeds to pursue the players to the edge of the island. The players barely escape with their lives while the mountain island slowly succumbs to shadow.

July 15, 1270
#7: Dazed and Confused

This post describes how the players finally get a respite in the small town of Gennery after some initial arrests and confusion.

July 21, 1270
#8: The Treasure Hunters Extraordinaire

This section will be all about the local ruined temple of Gennery, and the famous run-in with Dirk Gentley, treasure hunter extraordinaire.

July 27, 1270
#9: When The Hammer Falls

This post describes the conquest of the town of Gennery by an army of fierce kobolds.

July 28, 1270
#10: A Crimson Dawn

In this post, the party goes to the ghost town of Kite, enters a dark and evil cathedral, battles a vicious shadow, and confronts a corrupted cleric named Klaus.

July 30, 1270
#11-12: Through the Shifting Secrets

Coming soon…


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