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  • Twink

    A drinking friend of the party, this gnome and his fellow adventurers resided in the town of Generry while you were there. Regrettably, Twink was slain in valiant combat against impossible odds.

  • Reverend Klaux

    Reverend Klaux was the priest of the town of Kite in the Drumcree Mountains. He was long loved by his congregation, and travelers from as far as Generry came to hear his sermons. Unfortunately, he fell from grace and somehow became obsessed with cleansing …

  • Dirk Gently

    Dirk Gently is, quite simply, a treasure hunter extraordinaire. Your only encounter with him has been in a temple near the town of Generry. He challenged your claim to a great treasure (which you never got paid for), and battled you in a daring rope …

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