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  • Golydun

    You battled the doppleganger in a vicious midnight battle against Maugrim's dire wolf and his fellow packs. Although the doppleganger assumed the form of Turansul and managed to foil almost all your efforts to distinguish between the two of them, he was …

  • Twink

    A drinking friend of the party, this gnome and his fellow adventurers resided in the town of Generry while you were there. Regrettably, Twink was slain in valiant combat against impossible odds.

  • Dirk Gently

    Dirk Gently is, quite simply, a treasure hunter extraordinaire. Your only encounter with him has been in a temple near the town of Generry. He challenged your claim to a great treasure (which you never got paid for), and battled you in a daring rope …

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