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  • Golydun

    You battled the doppleganger in a vicious midnight battle against Maugrim's dire wolf and his fellow packs. Although the doppleganger assumed the form of Turansul and managed to foil almost all your efforts to distinguish between the two of them, he was …

  • Maugrim Coldthorn

    Maugrim Coldthorn led a band of skeletons, vampires, hobgoblins, halflings, wolves, and a doppleganger to the Watchtower of Severan in the year 1270 with the goals of unlocking the tower and retrieving its various treasures. Maugrim, Jasper, and Draco had …

  • Theron Lewstrom

    You first met a man who identified himself as Toras atop the mountain of Severan, where he asked you if you had any news of his associate Maugrim. Vehemently denying that you knew anything of the sort, you quickly left the scene before he realized the …

  • Reverend Klaux

    Reverend Klaux was the priest of the town of Kite in the Drumcree Mountains. He was long loved by his congregation, and travelers from as far as Generry came to hear his sermons. Unfortunately, he fell from grace and somehow became obsessed with cleansing …

  • Zeromus Herbert Laharl

    The party first met Zeromus Herbert Laharl at the final trial of the Labyrinth, where he warned them that he would claim the book of Kasilas soon. He then grudgingly allowed them to take the labyrinth's final trial; since only an image of him was there, …

  • Zemus

    Works for Theron. Turansul broke into his lair single-handedly and took stock of some of his notes. Enough said.

  • Moonflower

    Moonflower is one of the lieutenants of Theron, and was the parton devil of Klaux. You know nothing more about her.

  • Barduk

    This is one of the cronies of Theron, as you discovered upon successfully finishing all the trials of the Labyrinth.

  • Jasper & Draco

    These two powerful villains were found resting in their coffins in a hidden cavern, protected by a terrible spider, brown mold that nearly wiped out the party, and a rock monster that required ingenuity to defeat at last. These two villains were summarily …

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